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The Nassimi Group is a sought-after partner for leading investors. Our deep involvement in the real estate market gives us an insider's perspective of the real estate development pipeline and an ability to anticipate optimal investment opportunities. We provide our investment partners with comprehensive proposals and pre-sale planning strategies. They rely on us to give them up-to-the-minute analysis of current market conditions as well as historical and emerging market trends.

We also make sure that our partners are the first to know about new opportunities and strategies in the real estate market. Our track record of profitability and success has enabled us to establish loyal, long-term partnerships with investors.

The Nassimi Group currently works with over 25 investment partners and offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Quarterly state of the market reports
  • Pre-sale strategic planning
  • Financial projections on return rates, rental income and ROI analysis
  • Mortgage and lending advisory services
TNG identifies positive cash producing opportunities that will appreciate and increase in value to build the most equity from investment properties. We guide clients from every aspect of acquisition phases to property management after purchase for greater returns. Our strategic initiatives guarantees low risk and strong returns for our customers. TNG ensures that the investor's portfolio and performance is projected to meet or exceed the client's benchmark, on a consistent basis - we have a proven track-record for acquiring the most optimal scenario for investors.
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